Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I wish I had enough money...

... to buy some cat-eye specs, as currently my reading glasses are nice but, you know, normal. Whereas these bad boys....


Then I'd get another tattoo. I want one on my arm or on the top of my thigh, which isn't somewhere I had considered before I went to Leeds Festival, when I saw a girl with a biggish, sprawling tatt peeping out from under her shorts which I found pretty cool.

Then I'd go to a spa.

Then I'd take some chums to Paris. Or New York. Or Auckland.

If they behaved themselves I'd bring them back as well.

Then I'd buy an old Land Rover, give BJR the Picasso, and then Darcy and I would go on some adventures.

And I'd probably take some lovely people and dogs camping.

Isn't that all rather sensible?

Actually, I just re-read it and it isn't that sensible. But I wasn't just all "I'd buy some Prada boots that I'd be too frightened to wear outside".

Disclaimer: This is if I had like £5000. Not, you know, Lottery or even scratch card money. Just like a few good runs at the bingo, or something. If I had Lottery money I'd pay off MR & Pigpen's debts and mortgate then buy a farm and live there with lots of adopted greyhounds. Also I'd buy a better graphics tablet.

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