Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Opthamologist

I went to the opthamologist today. I hate going to the opthamologist, it's really awkward and you have to answer questions like "Does red or green look clearer?" and there is no difference and you don't want to accidentally give the answer that makes them go "OMFG EYE CANCER".

It's very stressful.

However, it's a part of life, visiting the opthamologist's office. Today, I even laughed there.

I have laughed before at the opthamologist's, but before today I always assumed the funniest thing that could happen at the opthamologist's was this;

Or possibly this;

Possibly even this;

But that was before today, when this happened;

The most awkward, lanky and uncomfortable looking man dropped one of the goofy glasses lenses down my clevage. We both looked down to it, then he realised what he was doing, looked away, went bright red and mumbled "Sorry".

I burst out laughing and had a lady-like grope to fish it out. It felt a bit warm so that was weird. I did consider wiping it on my jeans or something but decided not to. There isn't anything gross all up in my boobs anyway.

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