Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Amazing Crafters - Jewellery

It might seem a little ridiculous to be posting this right after advertising my own crafty store but I've only just got out all the business cards I collected from the Arts Festival held in Edinburgh during August.

This seller would have literally had no stock left if my bank balance had been a bit more full! The most incredibly chunky, bright and delightfully eclectic charm bracelets and necklaces I've ever seen. Truly unique pieces.

They also offer a really interesting service called 'Revive Your Jewels', where they take your old pieces of jewelry and use them to create new charm bracelets and necklaces. I think this is an amazing idea if you have any random pieces that you've inherited or found in a charity shop or antiques market that you aren't sure how to wear or use.

My favourite bits on this stall were the jewellery made from Scrabble tiles and dominoes; as a domino enthusiast this genuinely made me so excited!

I've since had a nose around her site and found they also make t-shirts, bags, a whole variety of crafty bits and bobs. The lady behind it all also blogs quite often, updates about her life, crafting and ideas.

I also found her link to a post about her Edinburgh here and was reminded of how much I loved her area! It has been transformed from an emotionless, empty stall area to a pretty little haven full of quirky patterns and beautiful jewels. The third picture down made me so excited too; I had forgotten about the framed fabric letters/words. I think they're so incredibly simple but I can imagine that having one would create a really kitschy and quirky feel in a room or area. The post mentions that she takes commissions, so I think that'll be going on my birthday list...

Really affordable site (they're having a particularly fabulous sale at the moment) selling great chunky rings, cameo bangles and sterling silver pieces made from a combination of new and vintage charms. Pieces that vary from elegant and traditional cocktail pieces to more quirky bits and bobs

Gorgeous snapshot necklaces and unique, geometric brooches and earrings made from wood and various charity shop finds

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