Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Temporary Tattoos

I loved temporary tattoos when I was little. I liked the ones you got free with magazines and those ones that you got in those plastic eggs from the turny clicky machines. I particularly remember the summer of 2000 being a particularly big time for them. In fact, I remember Miss H having a really hilarious tan because;

a) she had broken her left arm from doing three cartwheels in a row (show off) and had a cast to above the elbow,
b) she had a temporary tattoo on the top of her arm of Bart Simpson, which eventually came off, leaving a wonky, Bart Simpson shaped pale spot.

I'm older now and I still love tattoos. I love the rockabilly girls who have full sleeves, chests, legs, the lot. I worked with Miss D over Christmas and she's spent thousands on getting inked over the years and I think she looks incredible; unique, exotic and exciting.

I've sometimes thought about getting more tattoos (I currently have two small symbols on my arm and foot) but I don't want to make the committment. I don't regret the tattoos I currently have, nor do I agree with the 'Oooh you'll regret it when you're older' tribe, because I got them both because they were meaningful and marked a moment in my life. To be honest, when I'm older all the other people of my generation will be older too. If anything, when I'm fifty most people in their twenties will probably be completely clear skinned and piercing free, such will be their embarrassment at their parents' over-decorated limbs.
However, I'm still pretty conservative. I know that having tattoos can effect peoples' opinions of you, including people such as potential employers, and I'm rather traditional in thinking that an elegant ball gown loses some of it's sophistication if there's a sleeve of tattoos coming out from the spaghetti strap. For that reason, my tattoos are very small and easily covered.
There are still times, though, when I'd like to have some more. It's like sometimes I want to wear bright green eyeshadow, purple mascara and red lipstick. Fashion and make up are luxuries and therefore I think they should be fun. I've sometimes thought it would be quite cool to have a full sleeve of tattoos, or a big chest or back piece, but I know that would be something I would regret at some time in my life.

So when I saw this post I was so ridiculously excited. I instantly went to the site and saw there were a load of fantastic designs that were actually really quite reasonably priced; less than two pounds for an individual design and between five and seven quid for an A5 sheet with about six designs. If you consider it as a one-use only beauty item it's actually relatively reasonable.
The designs are far from the skate-boarding cartoon characters or flags of St George of my youth, instead varying from delicate, pretty designs to more traditional tattoo designs like skulls, anchors, roses etc.
I think these are definitely one of the nineties classics that I'll be reviving. Whether I just want to make an outfit complete or just terrify my mother, http://www.inkwear.co.uk/ is definitely my new go-to site.

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