Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Goals/Hopes/Dreams 2011

1. Be healthier. Exercise more, eat better, take my diabetes seriously.

2. Get a job that I enjoy and that enables me to save up some money.

3. Travel. I want to swim in a clear blue ocean before 2012.

4. To only buy what is necessary or lasting. My bursting wardrobe of clothes I never wear is testament to my ridiculous habit of spending on disposable fashion. If I buy anything this year, it will be functional, beautiful and completely me. No compromises. I know my own style, I know what suits me, so why do I find myself still buying into trends?

5. Enjoy myself. I've spent so much of the past two years worrying about the future that I didn't give myself the opportunity to enjoy the present. This year I plan to have fun. I want to laugh, I want to dance, I want to read and I want to walk the dog. It's strange to think that the very first time the concept of "If it's making you miserable, stop doing it" entered my head was only six months ago. This year, I want to smile.

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