Tuesday, 1 February 2011

(1) Lunch Date

Went to have lunch at a secret location today with my best friend. I got him to snap this picture just as we were leaving. It was taken at about 2pm and yet look how long the shadows are! Definitely still winter.

Ideally I would have worn my floral cardigan with this outfit instead of the jumper, but I realised today that I don't know where it is! It's either been left at my uncle's house or it's properly lost, in which case I will swap in another cardigan.

I ended up folding the jumper under and wearing a knotted belt over it so it was on my waist, not my hips (which made me look square and a lot wider).

Here are a few more awkwardly-taken self-shots.

Quickly taken in the garden to show detail on
back of skirt and vest - brr!

Believe it or not this is third-day dirty hair, thrown
up using dry shampoo and some nifty JML bits

 Kept the styling pretty simple today; black tights, grey scarf, Ray-Bans and a grey handbag. Not sure how successful the jumper alteration was, it looked alright in the mirror, like it defined my waist a bit, but not so much in the photos. Hmm.

My hair took literally a minute to do using one of these and one of these, both of which I got for cheaps from Wilkinsons. JML videos seriously make my day, I love when they are showing the alternative to their products when people are going made, like acting as if their bulldog clip is injuring them or frantically hitting a carrot with a knife.


  1. I love your drawings!!! So unique and cute.

  2. I LOVE your polka dot skirt. Great start to the challenge, very cute outfit.

    Love the drawings of your pieces - creative!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  3. Yes, the drawings are super cute!! The polka skirt is gorg (and you already know I'm partial to the pop of color you have going on there! :) )

  4. love this look! especially the skirt! it looks great paired with all darks and with that pop of coral! very nice! (: