Sunday, 6 February 2011

(6) - Keep it cool, Keep it warm

Scarf - Liberty for Comic Relief
Seriously loving this scarf, buy yours here
Also, Comic Relief T-Shirts here. I got Queenie.

Busyish day today. I went to the gym this morning with Mr Good and then had lunch in a supermarket cafe (his choice). Then home and cleaning out the rabbit shed.

You know, I love America's Next Top Model. Seriously, love it. I've seen every cycle. And every cycle there is at least one girl that gets criticised for 'forgetting her face' - her poses are great, but her face is vacant. Every single cycle I've been like "WTF dude?? Just look at the camera all serious! How hard can it be?"

Seriously, why am I so stupid at taking pictures of myself? Here's my process;
  1. Turn on crappy camera. Put on anti-shake, flash and self-timer mode.
  2. Balance camera precariously on something. Step tentatively back.
  3. Realise camera will definitely fall. Move it to somewhere more solid.
  4. Press shutter button to begin 10 second beeping countdown.
  5. Rush back to the agreed* photograph area.
  6. Arrange body into casual/hopefully non-awkward stance.
  7. Wait for camera to take photo.
  8. Watch flash.
  9. Realise did not do anything with my face in the photo.
  10. Review photo. Be disappointed in my face. BAD FACE
Seriously, man, it's hard.

That aside though.

I bought some new wellington boots from the supermarket, they were only £12.50 and they're really comfy. They're a softer rubber then my old ones, and have more of a Hunter-esque molded foot, as opposed to old-fashioned boot-style wellingtons. I decided to take Darcy for a muddy walk to test them out. I took my camera and got a few pictures of myself enjoying the cold weather.

Waterproof Coat - Marks and Spencers (Similar)
Wellingtons - Asda
I adore these wellies. I had a proper squelch in the mud while Darcy minced around it, not wanting to get her feet wet. I think I might get some pink rhinestones and bedazzle them a bit, just on a couple of the swallows perhaps.

Pretty dubious accessory choice but I always do this so I leave my pockets free.
Lead, worn as belt - Jollyes (always a good selection, this particular number was on sale!)

Ear muffs - Christmas present, so ask Santa ;)
Scarf - $5 from a guy on the street in New York

What do you think? Should I bedazzle my wellies? What do you think of my practical, dog-walking look?

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