Wednesday, 2 February 2011

(2) Working the 60's

I was in work today so I had to wear black and white.

Sorry about the fuzziness/bad lighting; I was in the office/stockroom while the photographer was in the toilet/locker room.

I quite like wearing white tights instead of black for work. It really lifts the whole look.

Also I've only realised from seeing these photos how much you can see my bra through this blouse. Cami next time.

Have got my Bumpit in again and my hair half-pulled back. Big on top + Half back = Country and Western Singer to me, for some reason. A colleague said I looked very sixties though so that's nice.

I also wore my Laura Ashley knitted blazer for travelling and these photos in the garden.

Darcy decided chasing was more fun than photos

Windy today, so cold even though the celcius is up.
Fringe needs trimming. A bit too Claudia Winkleman for my liking.
I love this brooch; it makes this jacket look really Austrian.
Just realised I have to leave for the gym in like thirty minutes to make it to my aerobics class. I am so tired :(


  1. too cute! your boots are fabulous!

  2. Love it, especially the blouse & Darcy chasing you of course !

  3. Thanks! The boots are amazing, they have a chunky 1 inch heel and they are so comfortable around the calf! x